Premium Finishing


As the name indicates, the transfer of the "stamp" is made by heat on the film. A luxurious and refined finish, creating a differentiated effect to all graphic products. Available in gold and silver colors, normally used on cards, invitations, in details on covers, frames and other artistic elements. The coating is applied on the front of the material through a digital serigraphic process.

Matt lamination + UV thickened Varnish

It is the combination of matt film with the application of UV thickened gloss varnish. The application of this varnish in just a few areas makes it look like "high relief or embossing" and works well, especially in terms of contrast, noting the height that the thickened varnish gives to the product in contrast to Matt Plasticization.

Matt lamination

Matt film allows you to create a more premium, differentiating product, increasing its durability and resistance. It protects the print from humidity and makes colors more stable over time.

Matt Plasticization + Localized UV Varnish

It is the junction of the matt film with the application of UV varnish gloss located only in some areas (indicated by the customer). In the areas that do not receive the UV gloss varnish, the matt plasticization stands out, generating an elegant contrast that provides an enormous refinement to the elements that have the Localized Varnish.